Longley | BIG Axe

Axe and you shall receive!

Longley BIG Axe | BIG Things Tasmania


You know those photos you take and you think later, 'Oh that pose would have been so much better' THIS is one of those photos!

I'd photographed this the day before but after a night out camping Maty was chopping wood and the thought popped in my head óhh, that'd make a great photo'' The next day we're taking a 12km detour back to Longley. I had to wait 10 minutes upon arriveing there was a group of bikers out the front and I worried I might startle someone by walking over with an axe.. memories!

No BIG Things were harmed in the posing of this photo!

This BIG boy lives outside the Longley Hotel in... well, Longley but I'm fairly certain he originally lived or was perhaps constructed in the same yard as the Big Pitchfork in Kingston. I've seen a photo of them together!

The Longley International Hotel holds the annual wood chopping carnival and the big axe sits proudly outside the establishment screaming 'hey you! Participate"

📍 Longley Hotel, Longley