Mundaring | BIG Crevice Dragon

BIG Crevice Dragon at Mundaring's Sculpture Park
BIG Crevice Dragon at Mundaring's Sculpture Park
Crevice Dragon

Pulling up at this park I noted a few things. Parking was ample, the space was big, bright and spaced out but it was BUSY.

I waited patiently with the parents with my camera pointed downwards. When ever a child moved away from the dragon I'd creep up and take a shot. He was a really popular plaything for the kids though so it took quite some time and a lot of patience. Frequently when the children saw my interest in photographing it they'd run back to him and I slowly learnt to fake an interest in something else so they'd lose interest too. 

I was at this park for a good 25 minutes. It's far longer than I would have liked and usually spend on any one item. I had almost made it to my first city and was so itchy to be off the country road and begin exploring my first concrete jungle.

📍 Sculpture Park, Mundaring