Roebuck | BIG Crocodile Head

BIG Croc Head in Roebuck | Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

BIG Croc's Head

Move over Daintree, Roebuck has a BIG Crocs head of their very own... and it over delivers

This bad boy can be found not only AT the entrance to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park but IS the entrance to the park itself. Be sure to check opening hours though as a chain-link fence will prevent you from even sneaking anything resembling a decent photo.

The complex didn't open til 2pm the day I visited which left me with an hour  long wait. The photo was entirely worth the wait. I pulled out the gas burner and coffee and had a nice chat with some grey nomads., took my photo and left. 

No admittance fee is needed to photograph the sculpture but the gates won't be open unless the park is operating. I never discovered the artists name.

📍 Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, Roebuck