Kalamunda | BIG Gumnuts


BIG Gumnuts by The Smith Sculptors in Kalamunda | Kalamunda Public Art

BIG Gumnuts

I didn't know this at the time but there are four of these sculptures in the region and I picked the worst one to visit. It's a tiny round about in a high traffic area. I wouldn't recommend photographing this particular sculpture as the tight roundabout really made me nervous. I was a huge distraction to drivers.

The Giant gum nuts area 2010 series of four bronze gumnuts created by the Smith Sculptors. I was lucky enough to photograph their  Kangaroo's sculpture outside Stirling Park in Perth but somehow missed their ridiculously large sculpture of Cygnets in flight

There's a sculpture at the 'City of Kalamunda' that while it's not as impressive as the round-a-bout sculptures it does provide a less hectic and safer environment to indulge in ones photography obsession

📍 Crn: Canning & Kalamunda Rd, Kalamunda