Launceston | Mushroom Toilet

To go or not to go

BIG Mushroom Toilet | Launceston City Park

BIG Mushroom

Would you use a toilet with only half a door with and a bench seat 1m away?  Keep in mid this toilet is next to a kids playground in a busy park! Can't tell if it's a safety thing for kids or built by someone with inappropriate intentions.

I walked up to this and got told off by a small child using it. So awkward. Like... 'Woops. Sorry buddy but there's only half a door. ' Having sex in a park gets people placed on the sex offenders register.

Really needed to go.. really didn't want to get sprung by a child. Three adults sitting close by... to go or not to go. I didn't go!! Bloody awkward.

WTF Launceston!!

📍 City Park, Launceston