Penguin - BIG Penguin

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The BIG Penguin

On the 25th of November 1875  the town now known as Penguin was proclaimed and officially named.

100 years later, 25th Nov, to commemorate the event Goliath Cement co constructed the BIG Penguin and gifted it to the town

Originally made of wire and concrete the BIG Penguin was eventually coated in fibro to preserve the 3 meter sculpture... or to contain the asbestosis... in what is vastly becoming one of Tasmania's most photographed icons.

I read an interesting story about this penguin. Years ago while doing a Google search which led me down a rabbit hole I came across a town ghost story that said if you listen to the sculptures belly you can sometimes hear the crying of a town local that was murdered and stuffed inside the sculpture before it was cemented. 

📍 Main Rd, Penguin