Hopetoun | Country High Tea


'Country High Tea' Sculpture by Colin Hughes & Sue Leighton | Hopetoun

Colin Hughes and Sue Leighton

I've seen accounts where people use teddys and objects as a theme for their accounts and once had the pleasure of meeting a fellow art enthusiast who once explained to me that they did so. It boiled down to personal hygiene and not being able to maintain it on long trips.

It got me thinking about taking along something on my trip and admittedly between Darwin and Broom I had gone 6 days without washing my hair. Baby wipes are great for everything else but 6 days in the outback heat your hair looks disgusting and you begin to smell like Australia worst taxi driver.

This is the Country High tea sculpture found on the main Rd between Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun, Western Australia. It was created by Colin Hughes and Sue Leighton and is one of fifteen sculptures that litter the trail.

It's not a busy road but I did have a couple of cars go past. Whether a person snaps your photo of a tripod, to fetch a decent andle and photo you or your device wll have to be close to the road.  My Tripod almost falling over made me nervous and gave me a sense of urgency so
 on went the timer and off I ran to my position, scooping up my teddy on the way and stuffing him in teapot all before the 10s timer took my pic.

3 selfies and I'm back in my car.

A day later I was in Esperance and couldn't for the life of me find my Instagram bear.
Pulled my car apart then eventually went through my camera to check when I'd last photographed him 

I'd left him in the tea cup!

I thought about getting a different Kmart bear and claiming he had a cold and wasn't quite himself for fun but honestly taking a stock image, a selfie and a Bear pic was really exhausting mentally espechially after being in the car for 8 hrs a day and being on the road for almost a month straight,

I certainly wasn't back tracking 6 hours to save him!

I loved the fact I didn't have to pose or take 30 photos just for that 1 photo I'd keep but there was no human scale to show how big the items were and I had a habit of forgetting him and having to go back to the car frequently to fetch him. This was especially painful when a walk was involved.

He was saved a week later, after making a few posts on the BIGThing groups by another roadside  collector. One of my inspirations in fact, Postie Notes!

She was kind enough to pose him in a few of her own stops which was sensational
Our hero!

Crn Blue Vista + Ravensthorpe-Hopetoun Road