Holsworthy | Larissa Smagarinsky

Holsworthy | Light Horse Monument by Larissa Smagarinsky

Larissa Smagarinsky

Titled 'Last Farewell' Smararinsky has depicted The Light Horsemen saying goodbye to their horses after being informed their horses would not be returning to Australia with them after WWl

📍 Remount Park, Holsworthy


  1. So many horses left for the battlefields, RIP

    1. I should have included it in the post but I did some Googling on the horses and 8 million horse, mule and donkey died during service in WWI. They're a bit vague on the figures of returned horses but the light horsemen originally were around 20, 000 volunteers. A a movie based on the corp suggested it had 40,000 though. My partners Army, he snuck in as I was writing this and told me they were ordered to shoot their horses prior to returning. Makes sense why there's no figures on it now.


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