Hoxton Park Dispersal Airfield

Hoxton Park | WW2 Dispersal Airfield

Hoxton Park Airplane Remnants

So Maty finally got his wish. He wished and wished his workplace would be stood down and this morning he came home smiling. He's finally has the time to work on his new 4x4 and I went for a drive with him today to Click and Collect some supplies from Bunnings. Normally I ride with Google Maps open waiting to spot and screen shot locations I'd like to return to but this trip there were items on location. While Maty sorted out his Bunnings order I snuck to the corner and photographed the fence.

The area was once an airfield operational during WW2. It changed hands after the War until direction for the area saw plans made to utilize the area as a speedway which made various aviation bodies nervous and with enough lobbying saw the land returned to aviation as use as an airport. 

The FAC operated the airport from 1988-1998 until taken over by Hoxton Park Airport Limited from 1998 to 2008. Integrated into the fence are remnants of the lands past and a reminder of the lands aviation history.

Hoxton Park | WW2 Dispersal AirfieldHoxton Park | WW2 Dispersal Airfield

📍 Crn: Cowpasture Rd & Airfield Drive, Hoxton Park