Burnie | Octopus

Octopus Sculpture on the Burnie Foreshore
Octopus Sculpture on the Burnie Foreshore
Jellyfish Water Feature

Saw this fella from the road and couldn't resist a cuddle.
There are around 300 species of Octopus on Earth. Some are bigger than this guy and some smaller.

I'm not sure why they built the Burnie sculptures with 6 legs lol but this guy is one cool photo opportunity. You can locate him outside Fish Frenzy on the North Terrace.

The Burnie Octopus sculpture has become a key feature in the Burnie foreshore upgrade package which began in 2011 and completed in Feb 2012.

He squirts water (to my surprise) and glows fluorescent at night turning him from a childs water play area to a Public Art installment