Recherche | Stephen Walker

 Had a whaley good time!

Recherche Southern Right Whale Sculpture by Stephen Walker

Stephen Walker

For the sake of this post lets call this guy Frank. Frank is a southern right whale created by a Mr. Stephen Walker in 1995

Frank and his buddies use to swim in and around Tassie in the 1800s until early settlers slaughtered most of the whales for meat and oil content which put the Southern Right whale population near extinction

The Southern Right Whale is a slow populating species and they take a good 10 years to mature sexually and only birth a calf every 3-5 years.

Despite the odds the Southern Right Whales is slowly re-populating and Mr Walkers sculpture not only reminds us of our past and the dangers of exceeding our resources but really builds the atmosphere for the viewing platform itself. 

I didn't see any whales that day but you can find Mr. Walker's sculpture and the viewing platform at Fishers Point Lookout.