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The Living Rocks | Hamelin Pool

The Living Rocks

During research of my last post I came across my second blog who have used one of my Wikipedia images in their BIG Thing of Australia List. I know Wiki is a free resource and I gave up my rights to those pictures by posting them but I never imagined I'd come across someone's blog with their water mark stamp all over my image. No Wiki link back and no credit to me. 

I've decided to begin water marking all my photos. I know as this blog grows it'll generate a lot of attention from unwanted armchair travelers, who, for whatever reason has decided blogging about things they've never been too instead of just getting out there and visiting them is an amazing idea.

There are those who do,
Those who don't,
And those who baffle me

I was a little underwhelmed by this roadside stop. It was nice to see the ocean again and the seaside stop was extremely welcome but the image I envisioned and the image I received... no where near comparable. I stayed, I took a selfie and I left. 

📍 Hamelin Pool Stromatilies


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