Waratah | Blow Up Tiger (Prt 2)

BIG Blow Up Tiger | Waratah, Tasmania
Blow Up Tiger

We ended up back through Waratah, I'm not sure if Driver Maty was just determined to ensure I saw it or we were so poorly organized (and we were) that we accidently ended up back here.

Either way, the Tiger was flying high and I was ecstatic. After a good chat with the attendant I learnt the Tiger is only blown up on favorable days. No high winds and no excessively hot days that would melt the poor bugger. They also told me they got the Tiger sometime around 2016 which means he's help up extremely well

BIG Blow Up Tiger | Waratah, TasmaniaBIG Blow Up Tiger | Waratah, Tasmania

📍 Waratah Roadhouse, Tasmania