Wongan Hills | Flower Power

BIG Flower Sculpture | Wongan Hills Public Art

Wongan Flowers

These flowers are a larger version of the staple embellishment representing the wildflower country. The image is found through out most of the region typically on entry statements and in this case a public art installment.

I had these on my list as a BIG Thing and the photographs of them always looked interesting. It wasn't quite what I was expecting and after visiting have demoted it to Public Art. Between the shere brightness and the position of the sun I struggled to get a viable photograph. 

I've found a great deal of my photographs from this trip are either grainy or blurry but I now have a DSLR and it's hard to compare it to a camera phone of 16mplx

I don't know if these flowers will still be where I photographed them but if they are you can located them on Wongan Rd,across the road from Ah Wong's Roadhouse.