Sturt Creek | Wolfe Creek Crater

Wolfe Creek Crater | Sturt Creek
Wolf Creek Crater

It wasn't a huge detour but I couldn't not stop at this place. Between the movies and the amount of people who reference it these days it's less about the hole and more about the vibe.

FYI I didn't get the heebie Jeebies, The area didn't look sinister or threatening (unless you count the flies) and the other tourists were really friendly. I wanted to make camp here for the night for a bit of fun but recall it being too early in the day to make camp so I pushed on.

I took a panorama with my phone and this was the result. It really is a strange sight, I esp loved how the center is green and it steadily grows more barren. 

Wolfe Creek Crater | Sturt Creek

📍 Where tourists go to die