Cottesloe | BIG Ball & Chain

BIG Ball & Chain by Norton Flavel | Cottesloe Public Art

Norton Flavel

Some of you arty sculpture enthusiasts may recognize this one. It's a former sculpture from the 2015 sculpture by the sea exhibit. Its made its way to become a permanent installation at the Cottesloe train station in WA.

The sculpture is called 'Lucky Country' by artist, Norton Flavel but most of us call it the BIG Ball and Chain. Norton wanted to pay tribute to Australia's history and origins with a reflective floating ball clinging to the edge of the shackle the first convicts arrived in Australia wearing.

The closer you get to the reflective ball the clearer you see yourself reflected in the environment.

Norton is also the sculptor behind the BIG Hand found in Armidale, NSW titled 'Dust'.
Dust was also a Sculpture by the Sea exhibit