Crackenback | BIG Fishing Rod

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BIG Fishing Rod by Steve Croquett | Crackenback

Steve Croquett

This was my prize. When I first arrived at the Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa I was a little overwhelmed by how big the place was but it didn't take me long to find my target. I knew it was around the lake and I knew houses were in the background which placed the sculpture across from the lodging area

The BIG Fishing Rod is one of many sculptures that make up a sculpture walk around the lake. While I appreciated the Fishing Rod, the photo opportunity and the opportunity to get out of the car and stretch my legs it wasn't overly to my taste. 

The sculpture is titled the ''Big Catch'' and was the second sculpture by artist Steve Croquett. I didn't stay to find more but I got the impression all of the sculptures were going to be recycled projects. At the time of visiting this wasn't an interest for me but it has certainly grown on me since