Bondi | GraffikPaint

Bondi Street Art by GraffickPaint


I've visited Canberra a few times so I know GraffickPaints work quite well. He's been a bisy lad the last four years and his work is absently everywhere now.

I was really surprised to see Geoff Filmers (GraffikPaints) mural in Bondi. It took me about  a year to learn who the artist was as the TAG was squirreled away and only Instagram had the answer. Despite scouring Geoff's IG I never noticed the mural at the bottom of his gallery

This particular wall isn't his only mural in Sydney. It's one of two that I know. It was painted sometime around 2016  and was a family affair with his grandmother joining in on the fun. 

This wall shares a space with Sid Tapia in Gould Ln