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BIG Wool Wagon | Kogonup
BIG Wool Wagin

Apparently this is a replica of an industrial Wool Wagon used by sheep farmers from the 1860's. It's huge and apparently pretty difficult to maneuver. Each farmer was responsible for wrapping their wool and branding their own bags before the wagon rider would accept their goods and load the wagon bound for Albany.

I looked into old pictures out of curiosity. I mean, it's a huge wagon, I was surprised to see half of the photos showing 6-8 cows, not horses, pulling the wagon. The wagons also weren't as neatly stacked as this awesome sculpture suggests. He's a search result I found. It's quite fascinating.

BIG Wool Wagon | KogonupBIG Wool Wagon | KogonupBIG Wool Wagon | Kogonup

📍 Crn: Gordon St & Albany Hwy, Kojonup