Cottesloe | BIG Sun Dial

 Time for an awesome pun!

Cottesloe BIG Sundial

Cottesloe BIG Sundial
BIG Sundial

The Cottesloe sundial was designed by Jeff Considine and was apart of Cottesloe's architectural competition to design a commemorative artwork for  the Bicentennial (200 year anniversary) 

I find the date surrounding this monument a little confusing. The Bicentennial was celebrated in 1988 with every source claiming the Sundial, due to limited funding, took 5-7 years to complete.

Does that mean the Sundial began in 1988, surely no one foreswore the financial circumstances and propose the competition almost a decade before the event to have it completed on time. If by chance the competition was held and won in the year 1988 due to financial hardship it would place the monuments completion date around  1993-1995. funnily enough both of those dates appear on the plaque.