Katoomba | Beverly Pl (Prt 1)

Beverly Ln is a VERY small place with SO MUCH to photograph. The Walls are constantly being added to and repainted so expect when you visit to not always see what was present during my 2020 walk

Katoomba Street Art | Adnate
As soon as I walked into Beverley Ln I was met with a mural by Adnate. Adnate described the mural as a portrait of a local Wagana dancer. 

Katoomba Street Art | Scott Nagy

This was one of around four murals created by local artist Scott Nagy. Nagy used glow in the dark paint for this mural so if you have time try photographing this wall at night.

Katoomba Street Art | Phibs

Unfortunately Beverley Ln isn't just home to these amazing murals it's also staff parking during the day time. A car partially obscured my view for this wall and while it doesn't necessarily take anything away from the mural Phibs has created it would have been nice to get a full  uninterrupted wall.

Katoomba Street Art | Peque

This is a small section of a much larger wall by the amazing Peque. I had a car parked in front which  left me resorting to awkward angles for a photograph. In the end I gave up and settled for this snippet. 

Katoomba Street Art | Nico

This colorful wall is by Nico.

Katoomba Street Art | Mahtous

This mural was created by Mahtous and I'm excited to say it's an artist I've never come across before. He appears to be a fiend of Nagy & Krimsone and has a preference for lizards and the color blue.

Katoomba Street Art | Inkhunter

I've come across Inkhunter's work once before in Manly and quite enjoyed the style. It's nice to see more from him but sad to see his work has been tagged. With so many free walls that could have been utilized it really is disappointing to see this kind of behavior esp in such a rural area.

Katoomba Street Art | George Rose

I'm use to seeing intricate pattern work from George Rose so almost didn't believe this wasn't a collab when searching for an artist. Oddly enough this maybe the first time I've seen work from George Rose out side Canberra. and I know her work is commonly found through out Sydney. 

Katoomba Street Art | Camo

This is one of two small stencils cleverly designed and created by Camo. I've become a huge fan of stencil work and enjoy seeing work like this. 

Katoomba Street Art | BirdHat

And lastly we have BirdHat aka Theleafmonster Katoomba has just over 30 murals which are consistently being replaced and added to. My map can only hold 10 images per pin so I'll be posting per pin. Click Net Post to be taken to the next set of murals

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