Oberon | BIG Trout

BIG Trout in Oberon

BIG Trout

Fair warning this thing really doesn't look as good in person as it does on camera. It's quite interesting to note how photogenic it looks because in person it looks rather crude and terribly made. 

The BIG Trout is an icon for the BIG Trout Motor Inn. Oberon's local motel. The area is well regarded as a Trout Fishing paradise among other things and since the locals erected a monument  to celebrate trout's it's gotta be true.

I found an article that's suggested the BIG Trout was installed a few days after the Hotel opened which would have placed the year around 1989. I never found out who made the Fish but can tell you the Fish disappeared for a few months back in 2012 as it underwent a $30,000 refurbishment which not only saw our buddy repainted but the mural and pond painted as well.