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Public Art
Padstow Public Art | Sculpture of boat

Unknown Artist

One of the things I've been working on as a noob photographer is making things I wouldn't normally find interesting, interesting. I wasn't sure what this was. There was nothing to describe it, tell me what it was and I can't find any information online. It appeared to be a boat.. with tiny oars?

There was a car parked nearby so so angles that took away the focus of the sculpture were limited and there was a lot in the background that unfortunately did the same thing. I'm actually particularly proud of the above photo. I'm learning slowly and it's feeling good. 

Padstow Public Art | Sculpture of boatPadstow Public Art | Sculpture of boat

📍 Padstow Parade, Padstow


  1. This is wonderful, love the cute little shells, great photos too.


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