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Riverwood Utility Art

My partner and I saved for 10 months back in 2019 and brought a modest retirement house a month before Covid hit in Albury, NSW. We began renting it out last April and I'm really thankful we weren't investors at the time Covid fist hit.

My realtor told me there weren't many renters in Albury that refused to pay rent outright but the internet was full of stories where landlords were being taken advantage of. Seemed a lot of people believed there wouldn't be repercussions and repayments wouldn't be a thing. This really makes me curious as to how someone who took this seriously ended up.

I've seen a bit of art like this around now, mostly in Liverpool. Posters encouraging crime because it decreases the value of land and houses which in turn lowers rental prices. The rental prices in Sydney are a bit ridiculous but this is even sillier.