Springwood | Isaac Shelley

Springwood Street Art | Isaac Shelley
Isaac Shelley |

How cool is this one! We stopped at this one on the way home and I'm surprised not to see it floating through the socials more, It's a feast for the eyeballs. Issac Shelley appears to be a local skateboarder who, with the help of SAMA, tidied up this amenity block. 

The artist also credits BMCC and wonder if it was an early acronym or a typo for BMSAC. Regardless the mural was completed in 2014. There's no tagging on it but it does come across a little faded on one side but the wall Isaac has titled 'Octopus King; Guardian of the Treasure' a.k.a 'Dictatorpuss & the Treasury' which made me laugh. You can find Dictatorpuss in Buttenshaw Park

Springwood Street Art | Isaac ShelleySpringwood Street Art | Isaac Shelley