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Wentworth Painted Water Tank | Scott Nagy & Krimsone

Scott Nagy & Krimsone |

So I originally had this pinned to an address located just behind the tank. My train of thought was if I could get access via the residential street I could walk around to the front of the tank and try snap a decent photo. There was a section of the fence that looked accessable (Not legal) but accessable but the house living directly across the road must be use to the activity and had words with me before I even attempted it. 

So no access from behind (that day) the only other choice was for me to take footage from a moving car across 4 lanes of traffic while racing down the highway. I got lucky and managed to video record going past with no interruptions from oncoming cars. Took a few screen shots of my video and I was left with a fairly decent image surprisingly.

📍 26 Great Western Hwy, Wentworth Falls