Pyrmont | Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont

Before I started work Mat and I began to spend our weekends to explore a little. I usually try to balance adventures out with places Mat wants to go because, lets face it, art really is everywhere and being dragged around areas full of art with nothing for Mat to do tends to make us both cranky. 

Mat enjoys food but he's not very verbal about his wants or needs. Typical dude but this time he actually said he'd like to check out the Sydney Fish Market. So we parked, had a small lunch & looked around thoroughly. We both seemed a little underwhelmed. I was half expecting a wharf where fisherman come to dock and a much larger venue but the venue was quite small and extreamly busy. 

I found these strange manikins around the complex and made a game out of finding more. Mat came with me on a walk after the markets. The area is home to murals by BAFCAT, Jamie Preisz, and an amazing sculpture by Warren Langley that even mat seemed to appreciate. 

Sydney Fish Market in PyrmontSydney Fish Market in PyrmontSydney Fish Market in Pyrmont