Spearwood - Sharyn Egan & Darren Stockwell

Spearwood Public Art - Sharyn Egan & Darren Stockwell
Sharyn Egan & Darren Stockwell

I was disappointed while sorting photos at the end of that night to notice all of my photos for this sculpture were blurry. I wish I could claim it were the conditions but I'm fairly certain it was a dirty lens issue.

Regardless, meet Sharyn Egan and Darren Stockwells, 5 meter tall, Nyungar inspired sculpture

Sharyn is better known for her Flannel Flowers installed in Oakhurst, NSW in 2018

The hand itself can be found in Friendship Way in Spearwood, WA

It comes from a Nyungar creation story where the first woman grew aware of her responsibilities to care for the other creatures coming into existence, a belief the Nyungar people still hold and value.