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We were driving to Domino's for pizza one night in a new suburb and I saw this light up display across the road from the store. While Maty ordered dinner I walked over to take a video. A young could were near by arguing about some something that happened at a party they'd been to. Felt rather awkward being there listening but this light show was amazing and the will to give them some privacy was trumped by the razzle dazzle of the awesome 3 minute or so long display.

There wasn't a plaque that I saw but I later learnt not only was this actually in my home suburb that I simply didn't recognize coming from the back roads but it was created by' Graham Chalcroft and Tilt Industries who I'm be coming a very big fan of. It's alled 'Litmus' and was installed in 2016

📍 Black Elk Espresso, Carnes Hill