Concord West | Elizabeth Langreiter

 Concord West Signal Box Art | Elizabeth Langreiter

Elizabeth Langreiter | 

I've always been too short to see the top of a Signal Box. While searching the box for an artists tag I stood on the scooter to check the top and was surprised to see the top had an artists name and a description of the artwork. This isn't something I've noticed before but I'm excited to learn if this is common and something I've consistently overlooked or if this is a council initiative.

The artwork by Elizabeth Langreiter is called 'Shapes' and was wrapped back in 2017. It's still so shiney I never would have guessed it was as old as it was. Shapes is located on the corner of Victoria Ave & Concord Rd.


  1. This is beautiful, I wasn't aware how much cool art there was around Concord too


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