Liverpool | Danielle Mate

The Liverpool Council has done a great job with Public Art through out Liverpool. I still haven't come across any formal list for Liverpool's NBN Boxes but I've found around 15 wrapped boxes and a handful of pained ones. This box features Australian Native birds and while the design is the same it does appear that each wrap has the birds sitting in slightly different positions on each.

Out of around 15 Signal Boxes that I've found there are roughly five original designs with the rest being duplicates so allow me to share duplicate locations of this box.

Liverpool Signal Box Art | Aboriginal Pattern
Bathurst & Campbell 

Liverpool Signal Box Art | Aboriginal Pattern
Copeland & Elizabeth

There's a third box on the Crn of Hoxton Park  & Flowerdale which I haven't visited yet and if this pattern is anything like the other four there should be a fourth box somewhere I haven't yet discovered.

All of the designs were created by Aboriginal artist Danielle Mate in 2019

There are 4 other designs to be found across Liverpool.

Aboriginal (Dark)
▪ Frog
▪ Jellybean
▪ Native Birds