Liverpool | Unknown

Superhero Themed Mural at the Liverpool Boys High School

Unknown Artist 

I likely got very lucky with this photo. I spotted it from the train one afternoon while travelling to the city and upon visiting this week discovered the fence line has some obstacles that make a photograph look unobtainable. To make that worse the field between the fence and the wall was under development so fencing, cones and flagged tape would have blocked my vision even if I tried. 

I went on a Tuesday however. I'm not sure if the school was actually open. There were two cars in the parking lot and the fence was wide open so I helped myself to the school grounds and found myself in an enclosed boundary within the school separated from the basketball court. It didn't stop me from quickly poking my lens through the cyclone fencing and taking some pics before sheepishly leaving. The wall is clearly double sided which I was thankful for. If there's a tag it's unfortunately on the other side
The mural brightens thebasketball court yard of the Liverpool Boys High School. The school is credited with another mural in the heart of Liverpool which also has a rather blockly triangular feel to it. Related? I'll let you decide


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