Moorebank | Unknown


Frog Themed Signal Box in Moorebank

Unknown Artist

On my last artventure I noted a signal box in Concord that had the artists details, along with a snippet, worked into the wraps design tucked away on top of the box. After a year of collecting signal boxes I was aghast that I'd never noticed this before and was excited by the prospect of now being able to fill in all those artists names. 

Today I sat in my favorite armchair, coffee in hand and loaded up a video of Glady preparing a conference after she said she no longer would. As soon as she rambled on about non vaxxed/ half vax'd individuals who wont be receiving the same freedoms as the fully vaxed something in me made me stand up, turn the video off, hunt for my camera and fly out the door.

F you Glady! I don't care for travelling oversea's. I don't care about dining out, going to the cinemas or indulging in swanky events. I just want to explore suburbs and last I checked regulating that was incredibly hard to do.

There was no artists name on top of this box by the way!! I spent a few nights on google street view virtually stalking every corner in Liverpool with traffic lights and found around 15 signal boxes that were new to me. None had the artists names on them lol. Suddenly the last year of neglecting to note an artists credit on top of the boxes wasn't such a facepalm moment.

Out of those 15 boxes I'd say roughly 5 are original patterns and the rest are duplicates.

When it comes to the boxes in Liverpool I'll simply post one of each and offer all locations for that particular design in that one post. I don't want to spam my Liverpool tag with nonsense. As much as I enjoy seeing my suburb post count increase, I feel posting duplicates is just cheating and rather cheap. 

📍 Crn: Maddecks Ave & Nuwarra Rd, Moorebank