Rhodes | Stuart Green

Rhodes | 'Cumulus' by Stuart Green

Rhodes | 'Cumulus' by Stuart Green
Stuart Green

Another surprise sculpture compliments of Canada Bay Council and the Rhodes Train Station. It wasn't on the council website and never showed up in searches but here it was in all it's glory.

It's called 'Cumulus' and was created by Stuart Green in 2013. The large squares are representations of clouds as the large masses collide into one another. 

'Cumulus' has a night time LED feature with the lines embedded with LED's through out each square producing a feint blue glow in the evening.

I'm surprised to learn this sculpture is created from light weight materials such as foam reinforced with fiber and resin which allows the structure to remain balanced despite it's lack of supports. 

Visually Stuart Green's sculpture is a beast. It's very intriguing and a great feature to the square.

The plaque reads

''white floating massive form
drift jostle coalesce collide''