Rhodes | Matt McLarty

I was surprised to see these Signal boxes. I took to street view before my trip and checked out most of the intersections and show how not only missed these two but all four in Rhodes. 

Matt McLarty completed four signal boxes for Canada Bay council and despite not having any of them on my art list I somehow managed to stumble across all four!

Rhodes Signal Box Art | Matt McLarty

📍 Crn: Rider Blvd& Oulton Ave,  Rhodes


  1. Thanks for posting Megan! I've just completed a 5th placement at the foreshore park at Roads, slightly bigger box this time :-), Matt McL: https://www.facebook.com/MattMcLartyArtPhotography/photos/1895984617260631

    1. Really appreciate the message Matt. I look forward to seeing your newest commission. Thanks for brightening our stale crusty old boxes!!!


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