Sculpture by the Sea 2019

When we moved to Albury early 2019 I was excited by the prospect of being able to attend the Sculpture by the Sea events. 

At the time it was less about the art for me and more about capturing the oversized public Sculptures that would later find homes in public settings like many modern BIG Things today.

I thank my lucky stars I took a 6 hour drive to Sydney in 2019 to attend that event because there hasn't been another event due to Covid and this year doesn't look hopeful. 

I'll post these beauties in blocks of 10 to coincide with my maps pins. 

Britt Mikkelsen - 'Veiled'

From afar I believed this to be chain link and naturally thought of Mike Van Dam. Turns out it's industrial materials that appeared to be PVC pipe cut to a sharp edge. I've since learnt the materials are actually aluminum painted gray

Britt Mikkelsen had a goal to turn sharp and hard materials to create the illusion the sculpture was soft by challenging our perceptions.

The sculpture mimics a cloth draped over a woman's face and Britt really achieved her goal. It was quite the spectacle. 

Where is it now? Unknown

Other known works! 'Stirling Spirit' in the City of Stirling (WA) , 'That which lies Behind' City of Melville (WA) & 'Windswept' North Beach. (WA) 

'Tansience' by Cave Urban

Cave Urban

Titled  'Transience'  this architecture / art company had created what I thought looked like bubbles and was delighted when I opened my booklet and found I was correct. With dimensions of 
4.5m x 20m x 15m the company Cave Urban saw Juan Pablo Pinto and Lachlan Brown create five large bamboo inspired bubbles dedicated to the amazing spheres that delight our childhoods, balloons us over vineyards and remains stable beneath our feet.
re-imagining of the beauty of sophisticated structures and geometries that sweep to shore on every wave.

Where is it now? Unknown

Other known works! 'Eveleigh Treehouse' South Eveleigh (SYD), 

'Ouroboros' by Charlie Trivers'Ouroboros' by Charlie Trivers

Artist Charlie Trivers

'Ouroboros' is an environmentally conscience sculpture playing upon themes of recycling and cycle. The design is a modern twist on the symbol of the world serpent engulfing it's own tail. It's typically thought the serpent  creating a ring around the world to bite it's tail was symbolic of reusing and recycling. Or perhaps it's a modern interpretation. The Norse weren't known for their bleeding hearts.

The sculpture itself is made of wood, timber and plantation carrying with the theme of upcycling.

Where is it now? Unknown

'Out of Reach' by Cristina Harris

Cristina Harris

I called this installation 'All the Screaming Houses' My overactive imagination tricked my brain into believing the houses had faces and they really did appear to me to be aghast. The installation is actually titled 'Out of Reach' it features a ridge in which a large amount of house have been placed. Elevated from our reach and seemingly unobtainable. Which about sums up the housing market for the average Australian today.

Where is it now?

'Time After Time No. 2' by Cui Yi

Cui Yi

For the longest time I thought this was a sperm. It's not!  My mind just lives in the gutter apparently. It's called Time After Time No. 2 and it represents a tree sapling growing off of a rock as it struggle to survive. The tip of the tree spirals as one spirals out of control and represents destruction which reflects back as us through a shiny exterior. 

Where is it now? Last seen on the Liverpool sculpture walk. Exhibition ended mid 2020

'Between' Danai Kotsaki
Danai Kotsaki

Greek artist Danai Kotsaki created 'Inbetween' It's a motion inspired sculpture inviting viewers to move around and within the sculpture to appreciate the sculptures illusion of movement.

Where is it now? Last seen at the 2020 Cottesloe Exhibition

'Early One Evening' Dave Horton

Dave Horton

Wasn't sure what to make of this. It was SO blue it hurt my eyes. It's called 'Early One Morning' and is a nod to another artist who has inspired Horton through out his career. 

Early one Morning is one of three arch like sculptures with an array of everyday objects positioned to build simplicity and symetry. It came across as snapshots of early morning ritual to me. In the top I saw a cluttered kitchen where one makes breakfast. Bottom Left I saw a figure half sitting playing with a phone while eating at a desk and the bottom right looked to be a warped bathroom where one would shower and use the toilet. 

Where is it now?
Last seen at the Australian Galleries Oct 2020

' Pinktank Wrecked' by David Černý

David Černý

I've enjoyed snooping at David Cemy's Instagram account tonight. It's full of phallic artworks, David's completed many of these tanks and has titled this one Pinktank Wrecked.

It comes as a tribute to a man named Cerny who, to impress a girl, painted a tank that was a war memorial bright pink. 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of democracy in Czechoslovakia as The Velvet Revolution, a series of peaceful protests, lead to the end of communism in the country. David Cemy's $50,000 tank overlooks the ocean with it's barrel pointed at the South Pacific.

Where is it now? Unknown

Artists other Artworks! Kinetic Sculpture at Techno factory in Prague & 'Art thief' at the Olomouc Museum of Art (Czechia)

'SEQUINtial Reflections' by Denise Pepper
Denise Pepper

I loved the razzle dazzle Denise offered with her 2019 SbtS entry '
SEQUINtial Reflections'

It's not just a giant sequin.. it's noisy! I stood on a slight hill filming this so apologies for the wind.

I liked that the wind flowing through the layers of this sculpture which created a glittery effect as the loose pieces caught the sunlight.

Where is it now? Last seen at the Casula Sculpture Walk which finished mid 2020

Other known Artworks! '
Waiting in the Wings' City of Melville

Kore that Awakening (2016); Colossus Awakens (2016) by Egor Zigura

Egor Zigura

Egor's submission comprises of two sculptures from previous works. His submission comes curtosy of the Ukraine embassy within Australia and consists of  Kore that Awakening (2016) & Colossus Awakens (2016)

I wish I had of captured these on sunset. Some of the sculptures are beautiful against the reds and purples of the setting sky.

Where is it now? Mironova Gallery, Ukraine

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