Sydney Olympic Park | Michael Kitching

Michael Kitching was commissioned in 1986 to create this beauty

I thought it was going to be a croquet wicket but upon arriving today I learnt that wasn't quite the case.

While the name Michael Kitching 
wasn't familiar his work certainly is. I've seen his work in Canberra (yet to be uploaded) and have tried to visit his sculpture on the terrace of Sydney Town Hall twice with no success. 

This particular sculpture is titled 'Peace Monument' and was commissioned to celebrate the International Year of Peace. Michael has produced three arch's with a singular word inscribed on each side. 

When looking from the front the arches read 'Peace' 'Moon' & 'Between' what's symbolic is how close the arches between Peace and Moon with a significant amount of space between Moon and between. 
My first though was 'and everything in [between]'
 Sydney Olympic Park Sculpture | 'Peach Monument' by Michael Kitching

Viewing from the rear the arches read 'Earth' 'Space' & 'Beyond' 

Unfortunately the explanation for this sculpture went a little over my head.
Instead of struggling with an explanation check out Dcafe's post. He's summed up the sculpture beautifully. 

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