Sydney Olympic Park!

 So today I visited Sydney Olympic Park.

It was a messy day. I tossed up whether to take my scooter or not as Scooters arn't yet legal in NSW and I was concerned a stronger police presence would attract their eyes.

Turns out the cops have their hands full or care about as much as they did before lockdown. I took the scooter and so glad I did... until it rained.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park
You're not supposed to ride in the rain. My Emove is rated P65 but if water gets in the motor it's buh bye motor. 

It didn't rain heavily but it was constant. I eventually called it quits early but not before finding a heap of goodies!

This thing is far too white. I didn't find any other rings but I only got 1/3rd of the way around the park and got side tracked.

Till next time!!!