Sydney Olympic Park | Lionel Glendenning

 Guess what time it is!?

Time is on all of our sides with this giant sundial gracing the lawns of the Bicentennial Gardens in Sydney Olympic Park. 

This 8 meter long structure was designed by Lionel Glendenning with the mathematical help of John Harrison and sits on a foundation 30m wide. There's no reference as to when it was constructed other than being made in the early 80's and it being present when the park opened in 1988.

Sydney Olympic Park sundial created by Lionel Glendenning

I loved how Australian it looked. Brick and steel beams slapped together to create something that while it worked was more practical than visually pleasing. 

There wasn't enough sun when I visited to watch the sundial in action but there was a diagram on the other side of the brickwork instructing viewers how to calculate the time.