North Strathfield | Olev Musca

North Strathfield | Mural by Olev Musca

Olev Musca

Sometime you don't realize how bad your photo is until you get home and find comparable photos while searching for the artist. I don't think I'll ever go back to Strathfield but if I ever find myself there I'd really want to retake this photograph with an angle more from the left. 

Normally by 4pm I'd be tired and short on patience leaving my photos a little short of satisfactory to myself but admit this was a pretty cruisy trip. Something about lockdown exploring made me feel like I didn't have time constraints and that time didn't matter and yet I clearly seemed to have rushed this wall. 

I didn't find much information on the artist but the wall resides on the corner of Correys Ave and Concord Rd.