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Strathfield Street Art | Fitzgerald Park painted BBQ's
Unknown Artist

I can only imagine these were painted by the locals who had lovingly cared for this park. entering the park I had to walk through a walkway with ferns and shrubbery on each side. A sign informed me it was a public garden tended by local volunteers and it was quite pretty if but a little plain. We all know what happens to interesting public plants though :(

The park was bustling. Adults sat of the grass, kids played in the playground and people walked through. It was a great atmosphere.

I'd seen the BBQ's in the Google Gallery for this park while searching parks in Strathfield. The photo lead me to believe it was a public toilet and I was genuinely surprised to learn they were BBQ's. I would have been disappointed but I enjoyed the stenciled tree ring with matching seat too much.

There were two painted tree rings and two BBQ's that I noted and if you'd like to visit them you need only pay a visit to Fitzgerald Park

Strathfield Street Art | Fitzgerald Park painted tree ringsStrathfield Street Art | Fitzgerald Park painted BBQ's