Ashfield | Robin Martin

Ashfield Street Art | Mural by Robin Martin
Robin Martin

It's interesting how deceptive photographs can be. Take a photo at just the right time and you can convince anyone of almost any narrative that fits your story. This wall for instance, it was a hot mess. I had windows, doors, peeling paint and shadows everywhere. I didn't feel the mural was much to look at with all the distractions that really took your eye from the country scenery but look at this masterful photo produced from this tiny section.

Full disclosure, the Sub - New Agent Mini Supermarket has decorated their long wall tastefully but a full view photo would be a mess. If I wasn't passing it on my way back to Ashfield I would have been tempted to skip this one. 

Ashfield Street Art | Mural by Robin MartinAshfield Street Art | Mural by Robin Martin