Bondi Beach (Icebergs) - Lister & NOTNOT (03/09/2020)

Bondi Street Art by Lister
Bondi Street Art by NOTNOT
Lister & NOTNOT

I was met with construction crews when walking this stretch of a road a year after my first visit. 

I was and wasn't surprised to see three murals by Lister painted over but there were other murals missing so it perhaps had more to do with upgrades than social politics.

There were still two murals here which weren't there a year ago by Lister and NONOT.

Lister painted a mural in hues of blue. It appeared to be a scene from early settlement with strange and aggressive looking characters representing British forces while NOTNOT created a smiley face to replace another face expressing.. exasperation?

I hope to visit Bondi just before or after xmas so time will tell what will be waiting for me next time.