Caringbah | CAMO, Ears, Jebs, Maid, Mulga, Peque, Mayonaize, Pudi, Snarl & The Ox King

This is post 3 of 3 for Park Ln. It focus's on the Northern End of Park Ln.

I've wrapped CAMO's stencils up into a photo collage because you're going to find a fair few if you're looking. All five of these were on the toilet block but there's few more around that I apparently missed. 

Caringbah Street Art by CAMO

The many faces of Ears... or Captain Earwax if you will. Not the biggest fan of this mural. Things with eyes spook me a little. I really cant deal with things that appear to stare at me.

Caringbah Street Art by Ears

This mural wasn't on my list of artworks to find. Some of the wording right of Bugs Bunny spelt Jebs and while I couldn't find an account for this person another instagrammer had tagged him indicating there was once an account to tag.

Caringbah Street Art by Jebs

Maid is such a talented artist and yet I don't see much work from them. You can find Maid on IG under the name LiquidPastels but the account is private and I can't snoop for more murals I may have seen before not realizing it to be Maids work. I have come across another mural by Maid in Wollongong though but am yet to upload it.

Caringbah Street Art by Maid

No walking past Mulga's work without instantly recognizing those summer vibes. I brought myself a Mulga face mask during lockdown and was amused to be wearing it while snapping this photo.

Caringbah Street Art by Mulga

I had  a fair bit of shadow dappled across this mural by Peque & Mayonaize. The wall was so big even with a wide angled lens it produced a poor angle. Between the angle and the sun the mural photographed more washed out than I would have liked so I converted it to Black and White to save myself the disappointment.

Caringbah Street Art by Peque & Mayonaize
Peque & Mayonaize

I've heard the name Pudi before but not the name Snarl. Pudi and Snarl worked this monster wall together and I can't help but feel with the quality work that was produced how I haven't come across their art before. 

Caringbah Street Art by Pudi & Snarl
Pudi & Snarl

Not quite what I'm use to from The Ox King. I enjoyed this wall. I'm not sure what the significance of these swans are, if there is any, but it's just nice to see something different from the artist than the usual cartoonish portrait. 

Caringbah Street Art by The Ox King
The Ox King

There are two mural above Scott Nagys frog mural that I don't have a name for. I assumed this was also Scott Nagy and Krimsone but they usually sign their work and the angle doesn't allow me to see a tag. Until I know for sure, I'll list is as Unknown

Unknown Artist