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Gregory Hills Public Art by Distinctive Living Design & LUMP Studio

Distinctive Living Design & LUMP Studio

I looked past this sculpture into a tangle of trees and shrubs and didn't see a well loved, well kept or well maintained place. The bushland past this sculpture is home to the 'Cumberland Plain Land Snail', a tiny creature found in Western Sydney. 

Inscribed into panels making up the snails outer shell are interesting facts about the Cumberland snail

The land snail is uniform in tone in any shade of brown
A fragile shell, semi-transparent in nature, and glossy in appearance
The land snail can dig several CM into soil to escape drought
They shelter under bark, leaves and are mainly active at night
The land snail is listed as one of six endangered invertebrates in NSW
Land snails are hermaphrodites and lay 20-30 small white eggs

The snail was another sculpture not on my map but something I drove past. It's found near the edge of the grass near a tree line off the corner near Gregory Hills Drive and Correa CCT.


  1. This is so cute, its great to see lovely public art out in the suburbs more too

    1. Completely agree. As much as I love Street Art it's relly nice to see suburbs investing in Sculptures. They seem a little rare these days


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