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Gregory Hills Public Art by Distinctive Living Design & LUMP

Distinctive Living Design & LUMP Studio

I thought this was a dragon or a seahorse of sorts but it turns out it's the tail of a lyrebird. The many tail feathers represent the many languages spoken by the inhabitants of the area before European settlers sailed to Australia and begun settlement. 

Danielle Mate Sullivan was a consultant for the 15 piece public artworks scattered across Gregory Hills. I imagine her impute regarding Indigenous culture, symbols and placement were the nature of her role. 

I really like the symbolism on this sculpture even though I cant particularly see the lyrebird. It's hard to see from my photo but the orange and yellow decorative steel structures are etched with patterns. I didn't notice it when I was there as the metal was quite shiny and the sun was really beaming off the sculpture but it's quite pretty once noticed. 

This sculpture wasn't on my art list for the day, I happened upon it while driving to a destination and I had to drive into a side street and cross a road to photograph it. For safety reasons you're best to park on Mudgee Street and walk over to Gregory Hills Drive for the photo. You'll find the sculpture opposite house number 16