Strathfield | Mike Watt

Strathfield Street Art | Painted bollards by Mike Watt

Mike Watt

Mike Watt is one of my favorite artists. His work is always interesting and characters always a little outside the box. I wsa surprised to learn he had painted bollards in Strathfield and evern more surprised to note how 'normal' they were. I'm ure the council had requirements Watt had to meet but it's the first artwork i've seen from the artist that hasnt been a character with a strange expression and it threw me.

These bollards were incorporated into another art walk I'd taken through Burwood three months earlier but due to lack of time had to skip. I was glad to have time (barely) after completing Strathfield to squeeze in this artwork as it was the last pin for the night and the last pin left unvisited in that area. 

It was a busy road with a tiny median strip to stand and take photographs from. It wasn't a pleasant experience and despite the colors being quite vibrant I found with a few rushed photographs, due to traffic, they didn't photograph well.

You can find Mike Watts painted bollards next to a roundabout on Wentworth Rd.