Barangaroo | Sabine Hornig

Barangaroo Public Art | Sabine Hornig

Sabine Hornig

I found this artwork confusing. The description of the artwork suggests Sabine Hornig to be a photographer who captured a naturistic scene of Sydney and incorporated her photographs into glass panels. 

The artwork is suppose to connect three precincts in Barangaroo and perhaps this is the wrong angle or just part of the artwork. Perhaps there was more down the corridor I never noticed. I've seen photographs by other Public Art enthusiast of Sabines work and wonder if I missed an ingredient when I visited her artwork that day. 

It was a busy area and it took quite some time and far more patience than I typically have to capture this photograph. After the 20 minute saga of waiting for a man to get off his phone and leave the bench seat in front I wasn't in the mood to poke around.

While the image itself held colors and images of interest to me the reflection in the glass really disappointed me.

📍 Scotch Row & Mercantile Walk, Barangaroo