Marrickville | The Ox King

 Marrickville Street Art by The Ox King

The Ox King

'Hestia's Migration' is a 2021 Perfect Match mural completed just three weeks ago. It tells a story with depictions beginning with the Greeks war of Independence, the migration to Australia and a modernized portrait of Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth and Home. 

Hestia is a powerful symbol. She ties in the past with the present as she's depicted at her hearth but not in Olympus her traditional home but in the heart of Marrickville sometimes referred to as Little Greek. 

Like many from Greece, she too has travelled, and much like her people she too has found a new home in Sydneys Inner West.

I stood in front of this mural not only amazed by the color and theme shift by the OX King but wondering how to take the photo. It was so big it didn't fit in frame despite having a wide angled lens camera and fairly decent mobile phone

I'm super stoked how well this amazing mural came out after I cropped it with a fun feature in Google Photos. It's not quite straight but it's wildly an improvement to my original capture.

📍 Marrickville Ln & Silver Street, Marrickville