Mount Annan Botanical Gardens

I didn't get to explore the gardens much. It had been on my Sydney wish list for quite some time but between work, Covid and commitments the stop, despite being close to home, eluded me for some time 

The similarities between the Sydney Botnical Gardens and the Mount Annan botanical gardens was quite similar in regards to sculptures. I was surprised to see the same topiary koala and bee the Sydney Botanical Garden has but probably shouldn't have been surprised.

I didn't get to explore much past the playground and a small section of this walking trail. 

I have a lot to learn about kids. They didn't enjoy the trials or the colors of the gardens so tomorrow we take them to Bondi Beach which we know they'll love. With a bit of luck I'm hoping to incorporate a few murals into our day. 

The snippet that I was able to see  has made me hungry to return. It's been hard getting back into the swing of things since Lockdown ended. I miss snapping pictures and having that sense of 'living' so we'll see how we go after next week. 


  1. Lovely photos, nice you could spend Christmas with your family, yeah the gardens sometimes has dinosaur themed events which is popular for kids but otherwise it is similar to the city gardens, I agree I miss the sense of living I had hoped there would be a sense of normality by now but worrying with the new strains, wish you a safe and happy new year


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